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How Can You Help Our Furry Friends?
Cash Donations
Cash donations are always wonderful and greatly appreciated as it can be applied directly to medical expenses for spays and neuters, vaccines, other medical care and food. Donations can be made through PayPal or to us directly at an adoption event.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Donate a Vehicle
Have a vehicle that you can't sell or can't get rid of due to mechanical problems? Will it cost more to fix than its worth? Don't want to hassle with figuring out how to get rid of it? Look no further! FurEver Animal Rescue has partnered with  V-Dac, an organization that supports non-profits with making a vehicle donation as easy as a click of the button! Your donation is fully tax-deductible. Our furry friends benefit and you get a tax deduction - it's a win-win scenario!   Everyone, furry or not, at FurEver Animal Rescue sends a great big FurEver Thanks!

To get started, go to the V-Dac vehicle donation form, fill it out online and just let it happen! If you have any questions, don't
​hesitate to call 1-877-999-8322.

Other Types of Donations​
Printer ink cartridges - these greatly help to offset some of our office supply expenses.  You can drop those off to us at any adoption event.​

If you'd like to make a donation in any other manner, please contact Terry at 510-418-8602 or email fureveranimalrescue@yahoo.com


Our mission is simple - to find wonderful new FurEver homes for as many abandoned animals as we can. To accomplish this, we need foster parents to provide a safe, loving home for a cat or dog until that permanent home is found. Foster families and your love of animals are a critical part of rescue. Without our foster families, we could not effectively save and re-home animals who have been abused or abandoned to give them a second chance at happiness.

Foster animals may stay at their foster homes from a few days to weeks and sometimes even months. We work hard to find the right home for your foster pet from the moment it is rescued. Many factors play a part in how quickly the pet is adopted. When selecting a pet for foster, we carefully match the needs of the family and the pet for a good fit.

A foster’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
• Providing a loving, happy, and safe home environment for the cat or dog
• Treating the cat or dog as a member of their family (it is easier to find a new home for a well-socialized happy cat or dog )
• Bringing pets to scheduled adoption events (and picking them up if they are not adopted)
• Taking pets to veterinary appointments , as necessary (and by pre-authorization by FurEver Animal Rescue)

FurEver Animal Rescue will provide:
• Supplies that include food, crate, collar, leash and any other supplies, as required
• Medical expenses, such as neuter/spay, vaccines, de-worming, etc (all medical expenses must be pre-approved)
• Basic obedience skills by our trainer if you are fostering a dog
• Available always for help and support

Our rescues need your love and help. We would love to have the opportunity to discuss this further with you and hopefully have you join our FurEver family. Please give us a call today at 510-418-8602.

Official PayPal Seal
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​We rely solely on the support of our community and its generosity to meet the needs of these homeless, sick, injured and abused animals. We greatly appreciate your kind donations. Below are some suggested ways to help:

  • New or used blankets
  • New or used large towels
  • Small towels or hand towels for drying
  • Carrying kennels of all sizes
  • Cat and dog beds
  • Ceramic food dishes for cats
  • Metal food dishes for dogs
  • Pet food (wet and dry)
  • Puppy and kitten milk replacer

  • Puppy potty pads
  • Small and medium cat litter boxes
  • Cat litter
  • Cat scratching posts/scratchers
  • Dog toys and treats
  • Chew bones, rawhide for dogs
  • Cat toys and treats
  • Gift cards for pet stores
In-Kind Pet Care Donations

Vehicle Donation
Email: fureveranimalrescue@yahoo.com
Call: 510-418-8602

Furever Animal Rescue