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Grand Opening - Friday, December 28 at 1 p.m.

FurEver Animal Rescue is so excited to announce that a brainstorming conversation and a few hand drawn ideas has grown into an exciting vision that’s about to become a reality for our rescued cats.

Cats do not adapt as well as dogs to coming to an adoption show. It is noisy with dogs barking, overhead announcements, kids running about and screaming, little fingers poking through their cages and so on. In a caged display situation, the cat’s true personalities are not seen. They are usually fearful and withdrawn, choosing to sit in the back of their cage or hide under their blanket.

For them to find their FurEver homes, they need to be in the public eye. They need to be viewed while they are comfortable, playful and happy. Thanks to PetCo’s generous gift, you will be able to enjoy our rescue cats in their new spacious “Enchanted Kitty Forest”.  PetCo has given us the glass room in the center of the store that formerly housed their birds. We are creating an “Enchanted Kitty Forest” filled with comfy things to sleep on, large cat trees to climb and scratch on, a magical water fountain to drink from, places to hide in and a spacious area to play. Stop by and see the progress we have made.

Our adorable adoptable cats will be available for you to admire, laugh at and fall in love with during store hours. All adoptions will still go through FurEver Animal Rescue. There will be an information board outside the forest with all the kitties’ information and our contact information. All you need to do is call or email us and we will set up an appointment with you to meet the cat of your choice, one to one, and hopefully it will be a good match and a new FurEver companion for life.

Also we want to thank everyone for all their help and for donating their time for this project. This amazing project was made possible by the Maddie Foundation's generous grant program. Everyone's kind donation donations and continued support is greatly appreciated.

FurEver thankful to our community for their support,
FurEver Animal Rescue Staff - Terry, Kimberly, Julie and Crystal
Here are a few pictures of the transformation from the Bird Room to The Enchanted Forest.
Email: fureveranimalrescue@yahoo.com
Call: 510-912-9036 or 510-418-8602

Dreams Really Do Come True ! The Enchanted Kitty Forest Is now OPEN. You can visit them 7 days a week during regular store hours. Should you find a feline friend you'd like to take home, there is an informational board at the forest to guide you through the process.