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Emma and Her Puppies

Poor sweet Emma came to us on May 4, 2012, just about ready to deliver her babies at any time. Tired, underweight and never receiving one bit of quality pre-natal care, she went into labor on May 7th, only to deliver one pup. After an excruciatingly long labor, a completely exhausted Emma could no longer deliver her remaining babies by herself - we rushed her in for a C-section and 6 wonderful new lives were delivered by the amazing caring staff at Animal Care Clinic.

Sadly, one of the pups had been stuck in the birth canal for an extended period of time and was in distress. She did get to know the joy of nursing from her wonderful Mom and cuddling with her siblings but only survived 3 days.
Each adorable puppy was named after the dedicated staff that helped to bring them into the world: Dr. Beth, Eric, Stevie, Katie and Megan.

This poor little family had their share of bad luck - Mom was so underweight, only 57 lbs., she came down with kennel cough. At 10 days old, the pups had to be treated for pneumonia. Although Mom was being fed a high-caloric diet every few hours, she could not keep up with the demands of nursing (you moms know what that's like, right?). We pitched in to give her a hand by bottle-feeding the pups throughout the day.
Although this little family had a rough start, they are having a fun-filled and wonderful happy ending. Emma found a loving new family. The final chapter for this family is to now find the very same for Emma's beautiful babies. Being raised with so much care by human contact make these babies just want to seek out people for constant attention. Their antics will entertain you for hours!!!
Beth (left) is the thinker and will size up the situation before proceeding.

And while Megan (right) may be tiny, she will keep up with the "big dogs" and seek out the largest dog to play with!
It's impossible to resist these darling little kids!

If you are looking for unconditional love for a lifetime...look no further! These cute little shepherd kids are ready to entertain you and warm your heart with years of love. They deserve a wonderful life now and you can help write the "...and they lived happily ever after" chapter in their life!

9/1/12 UPDATE
All of Emma's pups were adopted during the summer and are living the live of Riley!  They are loved, protected and well-cared for!  Emma would be happy knowing her babies are in their happy FurEver homes!
Beth and Eric catching a little snooze. After all, it's exhausting work to be a cute puppy!