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To begin the adoption process, we have an Adoption Questionnaire for you to fill out. This will help us better understand your personal and home situation for our furry friends to ensure it will be a good match. As well, we want to be sure you clearly understand your responsibilities and commitment to the proper care of your pet.

This form can be completed in advance of the actual adoption to expedite the process. Just print out this Adoption Questionnaire fill it out and bring it to our adoption events.  We will review it and approve if everything is in good order.  For more information, please contact:

Terry - fureveranimalrescue@yahoo.com or call 510-418-8602
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​Sweet Holly who is about 4 years old was found dragging a 65 pound boat chain and pad lock around her neck. This poor girl didn't even weigh 65 pounds! The chain caused some open wound to her neck but those are all healed. She is gentle and sweet. Has great house manners. Crates well. Is dog social but barks at cats so needs a NO cat home. Enjoys spending time with you lounging in the backyard. Loves her big fluffy bed and a good movie. Loves to go for car rides. She is a total people person dog. Has a great personality. Please make Holly's Christmas dream come true and make her a part of your family!
Holly's dream of a family to love and cherish her for a lifetime has come true!
We hope you enjoy her video.​
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